We are building the largest data set on housing, real estate development, and affordability in North America.

Subscription data platform to benchmark and run smarter cities

aterio.io  provides information of over 750 cities in North America on housing, affordability, and economic development.
Municipalities and private companies can access our database with standardized information sets available to be used in table formats and dashboards.
Our information is updated daily and includes historical, current, and predictive data about housing in North America.
                                                Our clients can:
Forecast population growth for 750 cities in North America  and benchmark it with other municipalities. 
Track the evolution of the real estate market with weekly snapshots of inventory available in real estate websites like Zillow and others.
View the affordability index for 750 cities in North America.   Compare monthly income and monthly expenses vs housing values.

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The "Data Driven City 2021"  report will be available in April 2021

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