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US Census Data & Zip Code Insights

CASan Francisco94112801950.059061
CASan Francisco94110693010.051224
NYNew York10025984640.071376
NYNew York10029755190.090822
NVLas Vegas89108776010.101998
NVLas Vegas89115683420.130511
CASan Diego92154814790.071484
CASan Diego92126779360.049568

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Unlock the potential of strategic investments with Aterio's Zipcode Universe Dataset, a comprehensive repository comprising 300+ demographic attributes meticulously curated from the American Community Survey, IRS, and Bureau of Labor Statistics. Dive into granular insights at the zipcode level, enriched with clean schema and integrated zipcode geometry for seamless analysis.

Key Components

Demographic Insights

  • Access all demographic data from the latest Internal Revenue Service, American Community Survey (2022) and University of Columbia, with updates available monthly to keep you informed about evolving trends.
  • Enhancing data quality by incorporating additional Aterio proprietary data that accounts for various factors contributing to population growth.

Metadata Mapping

  • Simplify data interpretation with metadata mapping, linking attribute names to table IDs, zip codes to cities and counties, and Core Based Statistical Areas (CBSAs).

Primary Fields Included

  • Zip Codes
  • Aterio Unique ID
  • County
  • City
  • CBSAs
  • State
  • Latitude/Longitude

Demographic and Housing Availability Data

Explore a plethora of demographic and housing availability data, including but not limited to:

  • Sex by Age
  • Geographical Mobility
  • Household Units Availability
  • Income & Employment Status

Addition information on Subscription

Envision the future with forecast capabilities

  • Demographics (Age and Gender) Forecast (2024 - 2030)
  • Housing Inventory Forecast: Analyze demand and supply dynamics to anticipate future housing needs.
  • Unemployment rate: Analyze it for the latest month
  • Zip Code Boundaries: Obtain zip code boundaries in GeoJSON format for spatial analysis and visualization.

Business Applications

Market Analysis

Identify lucrative investment opportunities by leveraging predictive modeling to pinpoint locations with high growth potential.

Risk Analysis

Mitigate investment risks by assessing market trends and historical data, empowering informed decision-making.

Location Planning

Optimize portfolio allocation by diversifying investments across regions with varying growth drivers and economic characteristics.

Demand Forecasting

Stay ahead of the curve by identifying emerging neighborhoods poised for future growth, giving you a competitive edge in real estate and investment strategies.

Invest in data-driven insights today and navigate the complexities of the market with confidence.


Column NameDescription
CITY_NAMECity name
COUNTY_NAMECounty name
COUNTY_FIPS_CODEFederal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) code for counties
STATE_CODEState code
RT_UNEMPLOYMENTRate of unemployment
UPDATED_ATDate of the last data update
TOT_POPULATION_2020Total Population 2020
TOT_POPULATION_2021Total Population 2021
TOT_POPULATION_2022Total Population 2022
TOT_POPULATION_2023Total Forecasted Population 2023
TOT_POPULATION_2024Total Forecasted Population 2024
TOT_POPULATION_2025Total Forecasted Population 2025
TOT_POPULATION_2026Total Forecasted Population 2026
TOT_POPULATION_2027Total Forecasted Population 2027
TOT_POPULATION_2028Total Forecasted Population 2028
TOT_POPULATION_2029Total Forecasted Population 2029
TOT_POPULATION_2030Total Forecasted Population 2030
TOT_POPULATION_2024_MALE_0_19Forecasted Population Male between 0-19 years in 2024
TOT_POPULATION_2024_FEMALE_0_19Forecasted Population Female between 0-19 years in 2024
TOT_POPULATION_2024_MALE_20_44Forecasted Population Male between 20-44 years in 2024
TOT_POPULATION_2024_FEMALE_20_44Forecasted Population Female between 20-44 years in 2024
TOT_POPULATION_2024_MALE_45_64Forecasted Population Male between 45-64 years in 2024
TOT_POPULATION_2024_FEMALE_45_64Forecasted Population Female between 45-64 years in 2024
TOT_POPULATION_2024_MALE_65_ABOVEForecasted Population Male 65 years or above in 2024
TOT_POPULATION_2024_FEMALE_65_ABOVEForecasted Population Female 65 years or above in 2024
AVG_HOUSEHOLD_INCOMEUS Annual average household income reported in 2021
PCT_HOUSEHOLD_INCOME_100K_200KPct. Household Debt-To-Income $100K-$200K
PCT_HOUSEHOLD_INCOME_50K_75KPct. Household Debt-To-Income $50K-$75K
PCT_HOUSEHOLD_INCOME_75K_100KPct. Household Debt-To-Income $75K-$100K
PCT_HOUSEHOLD_INCOME_ABOVE_200KPct. Household Debt-To-Income above $200K
PCT_HOUSEHOLD_INCOME_BELOW_50KPct. Household Debt-To-Income below $50K
TOT_HOUSING_UNITS_2024Forecasted Total Homes in 2024
TOT_HOUSING_UNITS_2025Forecasted Total Homes in 2025
TOT_HOUSING_UNITS_2026Forecasted Total Homes in 2026
TOT_HOUSING_UNITS_2027Forecasted Total Homes in 2027
TOT_HOUSING_UNITS_2028Forecasted Total Homes in 2028
TOT_HOUSING_UNITS_2029Forecasted Total Homes in 2029
TOT_HOUSING_UNITS_2030Forecasted Total Homes in 2030
INVESTOR_UPDATESInvestor updates for the Zip Code
ATERIO_UNIQUE_IDAterio Unique ID for the record
CBSA_CODECore-based Statistical Area Code
CBSA_TITLECore-based Statistical Area Title
STATISTICAL_AREA_TYPE_NAMEType of CBSA (Metropolitan Statistical Area or Micropolitan Statistical Area)