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US Real Estate Investment Ratings

VTSheldon Springs0548543450
CASan Francisco9411587791
GAWarner Robins3108898683

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Aterio is a leading provider of comprehensive demographic scores for zip codes. Our scores are designed to assist investors and businesses in evaluating the suitability of making a real estate investment in a particular area. By considering multiple factors such as population score, demand score, and capacity to pay, we generate an aggregate score that represents the overall desirability of a specific zip code for real estate investment.

Scores Description

  • Population Score: Analyze the population dynamics of a zip code to understand its growth or decline, allowing you to assess the long-term potential of the area.

  • Demand Score: Evaluate the demand for housing in a specific zip code, considering factors like homes available, estimated homes needed, and market trends.

  • Capacity to Pay: Assess the financial capacity of residents in a zip code, taking into account factors.

  • Economic Development Score: Assess the business opportunities and employment data of residents in a zip code.

  • Risk Score: Evaluate the risk score through factors such as unemployment rate, crime rate and environmental impact on zip codes

  • Aterio Score: Our unique approach combines all the individual scores into an aggregate score, providing a comprehensive overview of the suitability to buy a house in a particular zip code.


Column NameDescription
CITY_NAMECity name
COUNTY_NAMECounty name
COUNTY_FIPS_CODEFederal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) code for counties
STATE_CODEState code
IDX_POPULATION_MIGRATIONIndex measuring population and migration trends
IDX_DEMAND_SUPPLYIndex evaluating demand and supply factors
IDX_CAPACITY_PAYIndex gauging capacity to pay
IDX_ECONOMIC_DEVIndex assessing economic development
IDX_RISK_FACTORIndex indicating risk factors
ATERIO_SCOREAterio scoring metric
UPDATED_ATDate of the last data update