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US Population Forecast with Age & Gender by Zip Code - Healthcare

Unlock Precise Demographic Insights: Comprehensive Age and Gender Dataset from 2010 to forecasting to 2030.

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Unlock the power of demographic insights with this comprehensive dataset, offering a detailed exploration of age and gender population forecasts. Meticulously curated, this resource provides an in-depth analysis of population trends spanning from 2010 to 2022, complemented by projections extending to 2030. Whether you're a business seeking to stay ahead of market shifts, a researcher delving into demographic patterns, or a policymaker shaping future strategies, this dataset equips you with the foresight necessary to make well-informed decisions. Leverage this invaluable resource to gain a comprehensive understanding of evolving demographic landscapes and position yourself for success in an ever-changing world.

Dataset Components:

  • All demographic data from the latest U.S. Census Bureau, NASA and Columbia University research, enhanced with META ( Facebook audience insights) with monthly updates to keep you informed about evolving trends.
  • Enhanced data quality by incorporating additional proprietary data, accounting for various factors contributing to population growth using machine learning methods.
  • Metadata mapping linking attribute names to table IDs, zip codes to cities and counties, and Core Based Statistical Areas (CBSAs).

Why Choose Aterio

  • Delve into the past and understand how age demographics have evolved over the years. Our dataset meticulously tracks population trends across various age groups, enabling users to grasp historical patterns and trends.

  • Gain a glimpse into the future with our precise population forecasts. Projected with meticulous attention to detail, these forecasts provide invaluable insights into future population dynamics, aiding in strategic planning and decision-making.

  • Our dataset categorizes age demographics into four distinct brackets, facilitating granular analysis and tailored insights. The age groups are segmented as follows:

  • 0-18: Capture the dynamics of the youth population, essential for understanding future consumer behaviors and educational needs.

  • 19-44: Explore the prime working-age population, crucial for workforce planning, market targeting, and economic forecasting.

  • 45-65: Gain insights into the mature demographic segment, pivotal for healthcare planning, retirement services, and lifestyle trends analysis.

  • 66+: Analyze the senior population, important for understanding retirement trends, healthcare needs, and senior lifestyle preferences.

Monthly Updates

Stay ahead of the curve with our dataset's monthly updates. We understand the importance of real-time data in today's fast-paced environment, ensuring that our users have access to the latest demographic insights to inform their strategies promptly.

Business Needs

Market Analysis

Understand consumer preferences, behavior, and purchasing power across different age brackets to tailor marketing strategies effectively.

Urban Planning

Inform infrastructure development, healthcare services, and educational facilities allocation based on projected population growth and age demographics.

Policy Analysis

Shape policies related to education, healthcare, employment, and retirement by anticipating demographic shifts and societal needs.


Column NameDescription
COUNTY_NAMECounty name
COUNTY_FIPS_CODEFederal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) code for counties
CITY_NAMECity name
STATE_CODEState code
GENDER_NAMEGender group
AGE_GROUPAge group
TOT_POPULATIONTotal population (Year over year)
TOT_POPULATION_PRED_LOWERTotal Population Prediction Lower Bound
TOT_POPULATION_PRED_UPPERTotal Population Prediction Upper Bound
UPDATED_ATDate of the last data update