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Top 10 Cities in Florida poised for exponential population growth by 2030

Sergio Toro

Chief Executive at

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Florida, known for its vibrant lifestyle, diverse landscapes, and favorable climate, has been a magnet for population growth. In 2020, the Sunshine State was home to 21,050,000 people, and the trajectory indicates a substantial increase by 2030, with a forecasted population of 23,448,000 according to Aterio’s projections. This article explores the factors behind Florida’s growth and highlights the cities poised for the most significant population increases by 2030.

Florida’s appeal extends beyond its picturesque beaches and theme parks. The state’s population is projected to grow by over 2.3 million people, showcasing its enduring allure for residents and businesses alike.

Forecasted Population Growth by 2030: 23,448,000

  1. Ponte Vedra: Anticipating a staggering 219% growth in 10 years, Ponte Vedra’s appeal lies in its upscale communities, top-rated schools, and proximity to Jacksonville, making it an ideal destination for those seeking an affluent yet laid-back lifestyle.

  2. Freeport: With a growth forecast of 176%, Freeport is emerging as a hidden gem. Its affordability, small-town charm, and access to the Gulf of Mexico are attracting individuals and families seeking a serene coastal haven.

  3. Odessa: Boasting a projected growth of 174%, Odessa’s appeal is driven by its suburban atmosphere, excellent schools, and proximity to Tampa. It offers a balance between a peaceful residential setting and easy access to urban amenities.

  4. Groveland: With a growth forecast of 159%, Groveland is becoming increasingly popular for its picturesque landscapes and family-friendly atmosphere. Its strategic location makes it an attractive choice for those seeking a suburban lifestyle.

  5. Saint Johns: Saint Johns is expected to experience a 159% growth, driven by its highly-rated schools, recreational opportunities, and planned communities. It appeals to families looking for a tight-knit community with modern conveniences.

  6. Davenport: Projected to grow by 157%, Davenport’s affordability and proximity to Walt Disney World make it an appealing destination for residents and investors alike.

  7. Santa Rosa Beach: Santa Rosa Beach, with a growth forecast of 157%, is known for its pristine beaches and coastal charm. The influx of residents is attracted by the area’s natural beauty and laid-back coastal lifestyle.

  8. Winter Garden: Winter Garden is poised for a 156% growth, fueled by its historic downtown, cultural amenities, and family-oriented community. Its strategic location near Orlando adds to its appeal.

  9. Wimauma: Anticipating a growth of 149%, Wimauma is drawing attention for its affordability and proximity to Tampa. It offers a mix of rural charm and access to urban opportunities.

  10. Lithia: Projected to grow by 146%, Lithia’s growth is driven by its scenic landscapes, excellent schools, and suburban lifestyle. It appeals to families seeking a peaceful community with proximity to Tampa.

Florida’s population surge is not only driven by its natural attractions but also by its low state taxes. Cities like Ponte Vedra, Freeport, and Odessa are not only experiencing substantial growth but also providing residents with financial benefits. As these communities thrive, Florida solidifies its reputation as a state of growth, opportunity, and unparalleled quality of life, with the added advantage of a favorable tax environment.