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Puyallup's real estate market

Chrissy Bartlett

Director at Washington State Fair Foundation

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Enhancing accessibility for commuters, Sound Transit has undertaken significant improvements at Puyallup Station to accommodate those arriving by walking, cycling, transit, or driving. The recently opened 510-space garage and 163-space surface parking area that offers convenient options for travelers. Passengers can utilize the pedestrian walkway on the garage's third floor to reach the platform.

As part of this initiative, Sound Transit is investing $3.8 million in the city of Puyallup for upgraded curb ramps, pedestrian safety enhancements, and the addition of new bicycle lanes on W Stewart Ave and 4th St NW. This ongoing project is slated for completion in 2024, contributing to a more pedestrian-friendly environment. To cater to cyclists, the installation of BikeLink on-demand lockers at the station facilitates secure transit access for bicyclists.

Furthermore, traffic flow and pedestrian safety have been a priority to create a well-integrated and safe transportation hub at the Puyallup Station.