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Denver Market Update

Joshua Siegel

Commercial Real Estate Expert

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The Denver area : In recent years, Denver has seen significant economic growth driven by various industries, including technology, healthcare, government, and renewable energy. The city's diverse economy has attracted businesses and professionals alike, contributing to a strong job market and robust housing demand. Although the costs of living and cost of doing business remain quite high, Denver is still positioned well for long term growth.

The influx of newcomers has put pressure on Denver's housing market, leading to a shortage of available homes and apartments, some estimate has high as 50,000 residential homes.

As a result, housing prices have been on the rise, making it increasingly challenging for both renters and homebuyers to find affordable options, especially in sought after locations like the Upper and Lower Highlands, RiNo, Wash Park, Platt Park, Virgina Vale/Village, Central Park, Sloan’s Lake, University Park, among others.

This affordability issue has become a concern for many residents, particularly those with lower incomes.

Despite these challenges, Denver continues to see steady development and investment in its infrastructure, both in the for sale and for rent markets.

New construction projects are underway, aimed at expanding the city's housing supply and improving transportation networks with many transit-oriented developments. However, the pace of development is often constrained by factors such as land availability and very complex zoning regulations, and high barriers to condo construction.

Denver's real estate market presents a mix of opportunities and challenges. While the city's strong economy and vibrant culture continue to attract newcomers, the shortage of affordable housing remains a pressing issue and has ultimately contributed to the softening in net population growth. Moving forward, Denver will need to find ways to balance its growth with the need to maintain affordability and sustainability for all residents. However, with new emboldened city leadership, quality sports teams, and a vibrant growing airport metropolis, the Mile High City is poised for a strong year ahead.