Understanding North Dakota population growth for the next 10 years

North Dakota, the Peace Garden State, is known for its wide-open spaces, friendly communities, and strong sense of community. From the rolling prairies of the Red River Valley to the rugged Badlands of Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Dakota offers a tranquil escape amidst nature's splendor. With a diverse economy supported by industries such as agriculture, energy, and technology, North Dakota continues to attract individuals seeking a stable environment and a high quality of life.

Picture from a ciy in North Dakota U.S.

Ever wonder how many people live in North Dakota and how fast that number changes?

Aterio data team has developed an AI enhanced model that helps organizations understand the future growth of population in North Dakota for 2025 through 2030.

North Dakota Last population count in 2020

According to the latest census data, North Dakota ranks as the 34th most populous state in the U.S.

North Dakota Projected population by 2025

For year 2025, North Dakota population is expected to grow 7% from 2020.

North Dakota Projected population by 2030

For year 2030, North Dakota population is expected to grow 7.8% from 2025.

Top 25 most populated zip codes in North Dakota

Our model provides a detailed 2025 through 2030 forecasted population growth for every zip code in North Dakota.

U.S. Zip code, City

2020 census

2025 population

2030 population

58103, Fargo49,20950,97854,236View full zip code report, 58103
58104, Fargo43,92551,14258,757View full zip code report, 58104
58201, Grand Forks41,09643,77646,636View full zip code report, 58201
58078, West Fargo36,82542,34947,543View full zip code report, 58078
58503, Bismarck34,97039,59944,069View full zip code report, 58503
58801, Williston32,29737,65044,631View full zip code report, 58801
58701, Minot32,11232,79634,755View full zip code report, 58701
58102, Fargo30,32933,55036,371View full zip code report, 58102
58501, Bismarck29,41929,11329,789View full zip code report, 58501
58504, Bismarck27,60731,04434,646View full zip code report, 58504
58601, Dickinson27,07532,14036,917View full zip code report, 58601
58554, Mandan26,55130,80434,843View full zip code report, 58554
58703, Minot22,52424,51927,033View full zip code report, 58703
58401, Jamestown16,95717,62118,059View full zip code report, 58401
58203, Grand Forks16,01015,67215,068View full zip code report, 58203
58301, Devils Lake10,22110,26710,483View full zip code report, 58301
58854, Watford City9,73712,34715,897View full zip code report, 58854
58075, Wahpeton9,3008,8468,651View full zip code report, 58075
58072, Valley City7,5147,8907,989View full zip code report, 58072
58316, Belcourt6,9226,3336,417View full zip code report, 58316
58237, Grafton5,1165,0674,940View full zip code report, 58237
58704, Minot AFB5,0864,8135,005View full zip code report, 58704
58047, Horace4,0754,6164,981View full zip code report, 58047
58763, New Town4,0014,6925,618View full zip code report, 58763
58318, Bottineau3,8653,8493,887View full zip code report, 58318

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