Understanding Michigan population growth for the next 10 years

Michigan, the Great Lakes State, is known for its stunning natural beauty, automotive heritage, and diverse cultural scene. From the scenic shores of the Great Lakes to the vibrant streets of Detroit and Ann Arbor, Michigan offers a wide range of experiences for residents and visitors alike. With a diverse economy supported by industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, and technology, Michigan continues to attract individuals seeking a blend of outdoor adventure and urban excitement.

Picture from a ciy in Michigan U.S.

Ever wonder how many people live in Michigan and how fast that number changes?

Aterio data team has developed an AI enhanced model that helps organizations understand the future growth of population in Michigan for 2025 through 2030.

Michigan Last population count in 2020

According to the latest census data, Michigan ranks as the 22nd most populous state in the U.S.

Michigan Projected population by 2025

For year 2025, Michigan population is expected to grow 1.2% from 2020.

Michigan Projected population by 2030

For year 2030, Michigan population is expected to grow 1% from 2025.

Top 25 most populated zip codes in Michigan

Our model provides a detailed 2025 through 2030 forecasted population growth for every zip code in Michigan.

U.S. Zip code, City

2020 census

2025 population

2030 population

48197, Ypsilanti67,33567,01967,622View full zip code report, 48197
48180, Taylor61,16463,14463,616View full zip code report, 48180
48044, Macomb58,67561,08063,460View full zip code report, 48044
48228, Detroit57,69855,35058,276View full zip code report, 48228
48103, Ann Arbor55,07855,16755,927View full zip code report, 48103
48823, East Lansing50,78849,43849,212View full zip code report, 48823
48858, Mount Pleasant50,34044,75745,053View full zip code report, 48858
48187, Canton49,91953,81755,937View full zip code report, 48187
48439, Grand Blanc49,02352,88853,845View full zip code report, 48439
49424, Holland47,99749,67351,819View full zip code report, 49424
48126, Dearborn47,69253,81553,701View full zip code report, 48126
48066, Roseville47,23247,77647,977View full zip code report, 48066
48185, Westland47,06648,52849,014View full zip code report, 48185
49009, Kalamazoo46,73448,50350,656View full zip code report, 49009
48235, Detroit46,42644,05540,412View full zip code report, 48235
48843, Howell45,90647,68849,161View full zip code report, 48843
49423, Holland45,51747,74649,433View full zip code report, 49423
48219, Detroit45,50344,68747,134View full zip code report, 48219
49201, Jackson44,76650,82252,738View full zip code report, 49201
48038, Clinton Township44,32244,72745,905View full zip code report, 48038
48104, Ann Arbor44,21946,77449,395View full zip code report, 48104
48307, Rochester44,04144,43345,541View full zip code report, 48307
48310, Sterling Heights43,43743,08943,197View full zip code report, 48310
48188, Canton42,91047,35450,936View full zip code report, 48188
48224, Detroit42,20037,35334,543View full zip code report, 48224

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