Understanding Massachusetts population growth for the next 10 years

Massachusetts, the Bay State, is known for its rich history, world-class universities, and vibrant cultural scene. From the historic streets of Boston to the scenic beauty of Cape Cod and the Berkshires, Massachusetts offers a blend of urban sophistication and natural charm. With a diverse economy supported by industries such as education, healthcare, and technology, Massachusetts continues to attract individuals seeking intellectual stimulation and cultural enrichment.

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Ever wonder how many people live in Massachusetts and how fast that number changes?

Aterio data team has developed an AI enhanced model that helps organizations understand the future growth of population in Massachusetts for 2025 through 2030.

Massachusetts Last population count in 2020

According to the latest census data, Massachusetts ranks as the 21st most populous state in the U.S.

Massachusetts Projected population by 2025

For year 2025, Massachusetts population is expected to grow 3.2% from 2020.

Massachusetts Projected population by 2030

For year 2030, Massachusetts population is expected to grow 2.7% from 2025.

Top 25 most populated zip codes in Massachusetts

Our model provides a detailed 2025 through 2030 forecasted population growth for every zip code in Massachusetts.

U.S. Zip code, City

2020 census

2025 population

2030 population

02301, Brockton63,92072,21577,273View full zip code report, 02301
02360, Plymouth60,79762,65964,678View full zip code report, 02360
02148, Malden60,71067,85872,414View full zip code report, 02148
02155, Medford60,53366,32670,112View full zip code report, 02155
02124, Dorchester Center57,12857,88965,640View full zip code report, 02124
02169, Quincy56,99963,07666,862View full zip code report, 02169
02151, Revere53,41663,37070,250View full zip code report, 02151
01960, Peabody52,88055,33557,265View full zip code report, 01960
01844, Methuen50,51754,54757,408View full zip code report, 01844
02780, Taunton50,29952,67053,673View full zip code report, 02780
01902, Lynn49,47253,49755,870View full zip code report, 01902
01841, Lawrence49,43755,32658,991View full zip code report, 01841
02128, East Boston47,80446,61845,702View full zip code report, 02128
02149, Everett46,27550,01651,935View full zip code report, 02149
02135, Brighton45,49645,55847,798View full zip code report, 02135
02703, Attleboro45,02347,03948,229View full zip code report, 02703
01201, Pittsfield43,94144,33441,830View full zip code report, 01201
02740, New Bedford43,44447,77549,592View full zip code report, 02740
01970, Salem43,12045,46047,008View full zip code report, 01970
01915, Beverly42,06241,99642,461View full zip code report, 01915
02130, Jamaica Plain42,02142,83545,343View full zip code report, 02130
01085, Westfield41,75841,69941,799View full zip code report, 01085
01453, Leominster41,65444,10845,364View full zip code report, 01453
01420, Fitchburg40,57642,30543,187View full zip code report, 01420
01801, Woburn40,29741,69842,554View full zip code report, 01801

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