Understanding Kentucky population growth for the next 10 years

Kentucky, the Bluegrass State, is known for its horse farms, bourbon distilleries, and southern hospitality. From the rolling hills of horse country to the vibrant streets of Louisville and Lexington, Kentucky offers a blend of scenic beauty and cultural richness. With a diverse economy supported by industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, and agriculture, Kentucky continues to attract individuals seeking a relaxed lifestyle and a strong sense of community.

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Ever wonder how many people live in Kentucky and how fast that number changes?

Aterio data team has developed an AI enhanced model that helps organizations understand the future growth of population in Kentucky for 2025 through 2030.

Kentucky Last population count in 2020

According to the latest census data, Kentucky ranks as the 17th most populous state in the U.S.

Kentucky Projected population by 2025

For year 2025, Kentucky population is expected to grow 1.5% from 2020.

Kentucky Projected population by 2030

For year 2030, Kentucky population is expected to grow 1.1% from 2025.

Top 25 most populated zip codes in Kentucky

Our model provides a detailed 2025 through 2030 forecasted population growth for every zip code in Kentucky.

U.S. Zip code, City

2020 census

2025 population

2030 population

40475, Richmond63,42266,59569,799View full zip code report, 40475
42101, Bowling Green62,71560,78560,378View full zip code report, 42101
41042, Florence54,73057,84661,824View full zip code report, 41042
40601, Frankfort51,30652,16353,036View full zip code report, 40601
42701, Elizabethtown50,85153,46754,066View full zip code report, 42701
40324, Georgetown49,06254,06658,986View full zip code report, 40324
40214, Louisville46,00246,31346,916View full zip code report, 40214
42301, Owensboro44,34747,00049,062View full zip code report, 42301
40356, Nicholasville44,24945,57847,281View full zip code report, 40356
40216, Louisville43,36744,08546,109View full zip code report, 40216
40509, Lexington42,43248,01652,414View full zip code report, 40509
40299, Louisville42,21940,94641,253View full zip code report, 40299
42303, Owensboro41,79042,36042,596View full zip code report, 42303
42240, Hopkinsville41,00941,17240,321View full zip code report, 42240
40229, Louisville40,70940,08940,912View full zip code report, 40229
41017, Ft Mitchell40,55741,80243,269View full zip code report, 41017
40291, Louisville38,41643,06346,803View full zip code report, 40291
40219, Louisville38,25838,12137,745View full zip code report, 40219
42420, Henderson38,15938,95039,653View full zip code report, 42420
40165, Shepherdsville37,52240,21642,957View full zip code report, 40165
40272, Louisville37,40138,30538,979View full zip code report, 40272
40517, Lexington37,35836,75237,157View full zip code report, 40517
42104, Bowling Green36,96943,43849,150View full zip code report, 42104
40515, Lexington36,56936,04635,278View full zip code report, 40515
40391, Winchester35,80036,95737,566View full zip code report, 40391

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