Understanding California population growth for the next 10 years

California, the Golden State, is renowned for its diverse culture, stunning natural landscapes, and vibrant cities. From the iconic beaches of Southern California to the majestic redwoods of Northern California, the state offers a myriad of opportunities for outdoor adventures and exploration. With a booming economy driven by technology, entertainment, and agriculture, California continues to attract people from all over the world seeking innovation and opportunity.

Picture from a ciy in California U.S.

Ever wonder how many people live in California and how fast that number changes?

Aterio data team has developed an AI enhanced model that helps organizations understand the future growth of population in California for 2025 through 2030.

California Last population count in 2020

According to the latest census data, California ranks as the 5th most populous state in the U.S.

California Projected population by 2025

For year 2025, California population is expected to grow 1.3% from 2020.

California Projected population by 2030

For year 2030, California population is expected to grow 1.9% from 2025.

Top 25 most populated zip codes in California

Our model provides a detailed 2025 through 2030 forecasted population growth for every zip code in California.

U.S. Zip code, City

2020 census

2025 population

2030 population

90011, Los Angeles110,750102,57888,970View full zip code report, 90011
90650, Norwalk104,524101,430100,265View full zip code report, 90650
91331, Pacoima103,68397,00592,986View full zip code report, 91331
90201, Bell Gardens100,51292,58787,582View full zip code report, 90201
90044, Los Angeles99,98098,81295,159View full zip code report, 90044
92335, Fontana99,24296,35895,647View full zip code report, 92335
92336, Fontana98,731103,105107,489View full zip code report, 92336
94565, Pittsburg97,249104,427110,697View full zip code report, 94565
90250, Hawthorne95,11597,08898,380View full zip code report, 90250
90805, Long Beach95,09497,90799,435View full zip code report, 90805
90280, South Gate94,90592,02791,004View full zip code report, 90280
91342, Sylmar94,43292,35391,347View full zip code report, 91342
92503, Riverside93,03286,37782,415View full zip code report, 92503
92683, Westminster90,83389,25679,857View full zip code report, 92683
91710, Chino90,48177,88867,428View full zip code report, 91710
92154, San Diego89,88680,52170,584View full zip code report, 92154
91911, Chula Vista88,59391,09396,186View full zip code report, 91911
92804, Anaheim88,17382,74178,540View full zip code report, 92804
92376, Rialto86,71986,07687,003View full zip code report, 92376
93307, Bakersfield86,27392,00696,051View full zip code report, 93307
92592, Temecula86,11581,88382,289View full zip code report, 92592
92704, Santa Ana85,93577,77572,777View full zip code report, 92704
93722, Fresno85,81187,45690,651View full zip code report, 93722
94112, San Francisco85,05380,39378,330View full zip code report, 94112
93033, Oxnard84,90282,10781,716View full zip code report, 93033

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