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We're actively seeking seasoned Real Estate Investors to share with our Investor Community their expertise in reviewing cities, neighborhoods, and zip codes.

We invite individuals with a deep understanding of the real estate market to provide insightful perspectives on the investment potential of various areas.

In return, contributors not only gain professional recognition but also receive compensation through our platform.

Variable Payments Based on Consumption by Paid Subscribers at implements a variable payment system, where compensation is determined by the number of PRO subscribers who engage with your content. Each month, we establish an portion of the PRO paid subscribers revenue to be distributed among the authors.

Amounts distributed among authors is calculated in proportion to the number of articles each subscriber reads during the month. The greater the number of unique subscribers reading your content, the higher your earnings.

Payments for articles are disbursed at the conclusion of each month. The minimum payment threshold is $100, and payments will be processed within 30 business days following the end of the month. Payments below $100 will be deferred until your account accrues earnings of $100 or more. Unclaimed earnings will expire and be reclaimed after 12 months.

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